Presence of Your Essence Virtual Retreat

Presence:  a state of being, existing now
Essence:  basic, real and invariable nature

That which you are is a Presence.  It is a state of being in existence right now in time.  It is awareness with no specific conditioning or beliefs.  It is unlimited consciousness. Within this Presence, this consciousness, is your Essence, your basic nature.  It is whole, total and it is all.  It is you.  It is God however you may see that source of all that is.  It is the truth of you and it is immense.  All that you are, every breath you take is through this Essence.

When you become aware of this Essence that is you, it awakens you into the possibilities of seeing the world anew.  As original Source, the Ineffable, saw this world and filled that form with power, force, energy and life so that it came into existence, you also have the ability to see this world through the eyes of Source, through the Presence of Your Essence. Your Essence is invested with the wisdom and energy of All That Is.  It is an invitation to you to become the Master of your Essence, your invariable nature; your Emanation within the Eminence. 

As you embrace the Presence of Your Essence, as you begin to live from the state of being that is your real nature, you are immersed in the Essence that dwells within you.  It is all pervading. This expanding conscious awareness awakens you to the meaning of what material consciousness supposes to be nothing except physical existence.  It is a recognition of the true, spiritual nature of this world.

The Presence Virtual Retreat follows the same format as the usual Virtual Retreat as described below. What is different during the Presence Retreat is our focus upon your Personal Essence bringing you into a greater and more truth-filled reality. If you desire to experience a Presence Virtual Retreat, use the Paypal buttons below dependent upon the length of the retreat you desire. You will receive an email in response asking if you wish to experience your Essence. From there we will create the perfect Presence Virtual Retreat for you together.

Would you like a weekend, a week or longer in the comfort of your own home letting go of the outside world and nurturing your divinity in your own personal retreat? My Virtual Retreats are custom designed for you. It is an opportunity to focus on your divine essence without interruption.

Email me for a telephone, Skype or Facetime conversation about how you would like to create time away from the busy world without leaving your home. It's time to give yourself privacy to immerse yourself in personal, spiritual reflection each day.

Each retreat includes:

Written material specifically designed to
reflect your divinity

Spiritual questions

Reflections as you open to the awareness
of your divinity

Guided meditations

Two daily conversations with me about
your spiritual meditations

Retreat fee:

Two days $200

Three days $300

Five days $400

Seven days $500

Dream your divinity

Your personal retreat focuses upon your awareness as divinity. Recognizing that you are living as Source in form opens the door to an entirely re-created version of your life experience. You are not living life. You are life. How do you perceive your divinity?

Take this opportunity to carve out some private, sacred, holy and blessed time for yourself. No one deserves it more than you.

When we discuss your Retreat, we will fine-tune it to your present life's environment. Longer retreats are also available. If you would like to arrange an extended period of time to be alone in silence, we will discuss the length and fee arrangement for you.

A spiritual retreat is not counseling or coaching. It is a time to spend in silence focusing on your divinity. I do not counsel. I do not coach. Since I am not a counselor or a coach, rather a spiritual Master Teacher, if you feel the need for counseling or coaching, please contact an appropriate professional in your area.

Comments from participants:

"Now I feel centered, grounded and present as the divine."

"I didn't know I could see myself this way."

"I can't help crying. The relief that I don't have to do anything to know my Self is so enormous."

We provide this material for your information. It is not intended to substitute for professional counseling and/or the advice of your primary health care provider. We encourage you to follow the directions and advice of your professional counselor and/or primary health care provider. Toni Petrinovich is not a counselor or a coach and the relationship between Toni Petrinovich and her students is of teacher/educator and student only. The mention of any product, service, or therapy is not an endorsement by Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich, Sacred Spaces, Sar'h Publishing, Heartstorm courses or Meta yoU School of Mastery.

-- Rev. Dr. Toni Petrinovich                            

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