Toni Elizabeth Sar'h

In a Nutshell:

Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich is a Master Teacher, metaphysician and quantum physics researcher who instructs spiritual seekers how to see, hear, understand and express from their core through their heart, the voice of the soul . . . and into infinity.

Toni is clairvoyant, clairaudient and kinesthetically aware of the invisible world assisting others to access these dimensions, also.  Through the heart, the voice of the soul, she teaches people the value of absolute forgiveness through the ritual of absolution.

"Only through Absolution will you reach the Absolute."


"I never thought I would find someone who knew the answers to my questions.  Your teaching verifies what I know my Self to be.  I am constantly surprised as I am confirmed in my own knowing of my soul.  It is the one place that has consciously confirmed my intuitive awareness, putting the pieces together for me and for that I am so grateful. "  Paul Maupin

As a Master Teacher, Toni is absolutely committed to assisting all spiritual seekers around the globe remember they are Source in form in this incarnation.  Through the principles of metaphysics, the expanding language of quantum physics and sacred etheric initiations, she literally opens the doorway to see the unseen and live the soul's desire in this dimension.

Seeking a community that would align with the innate gifts of her birth, she entered the Holy Order of MANS in San Francisco CA in 1971 where she accepted Mastery under the Order of the Golden Cross.  Toni continued her spiritual education receiving a Ministerial Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysics in Los Angeles, CA, now located in Sedona, AZ. 

Opening to the soul . . .

Toni offers transcendent initiations through the power of the Presence of Your Essence and Angel Fire transmissions.  Accessing her superior ability to see the soul, Toni gently, discretely and unequivocally leads the initiate to the emergence of conscious awareness of their sacredness in form.  Students marvel at the authenticity of invisible experiences and even those who have been living a singularly spiritual life respond to the renewal and replenishment that flows from these processes.  Guiding others to expanded consciousness through sanctified ritual is Toni's passion and her life's dedication.

Toni offers intimate, personal messages called Soul Readings in which she accesses the soul of the individual requesting the information.  From the aspect of the soul's frequency, Toni "reads" the information available regarding each person's life in earth during this incarnation.  Toni is also the transmitter and Chancellor for the Whole Light Beings, often referred to as the Light Orbs.  Since their appearance in her home in the late '90's and their later request for her to be a messenger for their words of love, compassion and encouragement, Toni has been offering Whole Light Readings.  These pure Light Beings speak to each person in a very pragmatic manner from a realm free of judgment.

Toni is a hands-on Teacher, personally instructing each student under her tutelage.  She is also a spiritual video producer, international author, inspirational speaker and creator and webmaster of two extensive websites:  Sacred Spaces and Angelic Human.  Through these websites and her enlightening weekly newsletter to subscribers, she continues to offer metaphysical information in state-of-the-art formats.

From courses through her Meta yoU online classroom to You Tube video presentations, Toni provides fresh information in a clear and concise manner that is easily understood.  She synthesizes the values of authenticity, clarity and commitment creating a roadmap through the maze of metaphysical and spiritual concepts presently confusing mankind. 

Toni has been interviewed regarding her sacred wisdom, courses and spiritual expertise by World Puja, The Dr. Pat Show, Contact Talk Radio, Aware Talk Radio, BBS Radio and dozens of radio show hosts and teachers across the globe.  She has been published by the Sedona Journal, DNA Monthly Newsletter, Nightwatchman Chronicles, New Connexion, and Mystic Pop Magazine to name only a few of the publications valuing her contributions.

Toni is the author of The Call – Awakening the Angelic Human and You – A Field, Finding an End to Seeking, DeLight of the Orbs, Speaking of Light, DNA ReAwakening CD, three sacred guided meditation CDs, Echoes of the One Heart DVD, Your Heart and DNA, Unlocking Their Secrets and DNA Is The Secret DVD.  With over 180 You Tube videos to her credit, Toni's wisdom reaches out to the mainstream using the tools of the world.  She is internationally acclaimed as a compassionate, inspirational and experienced Teacher.

Toni is a member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association; the Heartmath Institute in Boulder Creek, CA; the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA; Companion of the Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK and Licensed Investigator with the Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, East Petersburg, PA.

"I highly recommend working with Toni and taking any of her classes.  I’ve always appreciated her brutal honesty and her ability to not allow you to be anything but your true self.  She knows the light and love that you are when you sometimes forget.  Toni tells it like it is in a loving way." Heather Byrne

A few unexpected pieces from inside the nutshell:

At the age of five, Toni took the role of father in the family home upon the sudden death of the head of the family. 

Toni is an expert with the rifle, accurate at 400 yards with a moving target.  She has successfully hunted deer and antelope in the Ruby and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.

Paralegal, finance manager, local Red Cross chairman and disaster relief coordinator are a few of the hats Toni has worn over the years.

During her work with the Holy Order of MANS, Toni patrolled the streets of San Francisco in her clerical garb ministering to the ending Haight Ashbury era inhabitants, the impoverished and inebriated.  This practice was carried out every night as members of HOOM walked the streets in pairs in every city in which the order had a residence.

Toni's Inner Portrait
Deborah Koff-Chapin
Touch Drawing

With over 40 year's experience in teaching, initiating and facilitating the soul, Toni has earned the admiration, respect and veneration of thousands of students worldwide.  Her metaphysical and spiritual instruction is mirrored in her life.  Toni lives the principles she teaches. 

Imagine what is possible when taught by a Master Teacher


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