Reiki is a connection with the energy of All That Is – the Wholeness, the Oneness even before manifestation. This energy is neutral without the human connotation of “good or bad”. It is natural to all human beings because it is that of which creation is comprised. Everyone has the ability to use this energy consciously.

Using Reiki is a teaching and an instruction physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually/etherically. As the Whole Energy flows through you, you learn to step aside and let the continuity instruct your observation of it. Listening to that which Reiki tells you is one of the greatest examples of illumination and balancing that you could ever request. Giving a Reiki treatment to another affords you the opportunity to experience it for yourself, as well.

No matter the outcome of a Reiki treatment, one aspect always appears - relaxation and harmony. The Whole Energy that is Reiki brings the body into a state of ease.

The word Reiki is pronounced as “ray – key”. Rei is the Japanese word for *lots of spirits*. In the West, it is defined as “universal”. It gives reference to all dimensions through the spirit and the soul. Ki is the Japanese word that means *energy*. In the West, it is defined as vital life force energy penetrating and connecting all things. It is important to remember that this energy is neutral. It contains no significance nor is it positive or negative.



Each class includes a Reiki attunement via Skype, a manual of instructions, a Reiki certificate and ongoing connection with Reiki Master Teacher Toni.

Reiki I - $150

Reiki II - $200

Reiki Master Therapist only- $300

Reiki Master Teacher only - $500

Reiki Master Teacher after attunement to
Reiki Master Therapist


If you would prefer a Reiki treatment rather than learning Reiki, you may request a treatment by emailing me and paying here.

One hour Reiki treatment - $80
(includes remote treatment)



We provide this material for your information. It is not intended to substitute for professional counseling and/or the advice of your primary health care provider. We encourage you to follow the directions and advice of your professional counselor and/or primary health care provider. Toni Petrinovich is not a counselor or a coach and the relationship between Toni Petrinovich and her students is of teacher/educator and student only. The mention of any product, service, or therapy is not an endorsement by Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich, Sacred Spaces, Sar'h Publishing, Heartstorm courses or Meta yoU School of Mastery.

-- Rev. Dr. Toni Petrinovich                            

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