Designing Truth, The Audacity of Intention

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Divining Truth, Straight Talk From Source (the story)

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Also available at - paperback and Kindle

The Call, Awakening the Angelic Human

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Also available at - paperback, hardcover and Kindle

"Toni has done a superb job in accessing and providing the answers to fundamental questions about life, about God, and about taking responsibility to lead lives that make a difference. Her format of question, answer and accompanying story provides different windows into the same knowledge, giving the reader the opportunity to discern what is right for him/her. I loved reading this book (Divining Truth), absorbing the content, and of course, to have the privilege of writing the forward. This is a 'must have' book for everyone seeking the meaning of their lives." Birgitt Williams

"Since 2010, every book, reading, class lead by Toni is like climbing a ladder of awareness and consciousness that leaves one completely empowered to be in physical form in the present and be aware of so much more at the same time. Designing Truth is the next step. It's clear, concise and like the result it produces, is Toni's best work. How grateful it feels to be engaged in the process of being. Thank you so much Toni!! Love for all." Brian Prosser

"I treasure this book, The Call - Awakening the Angelic Human! For me it is THE Very Best Book I have ever owned! If you are at all interested in living the way humans were meant to live you must read it and re-read it often, because it reveals the answers to the questions you have not yet formed." E. Quinn


You Are Sacred Guided Meditations
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Peace and Prosperity Guided Meditations
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DNA Re-Awakening

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Collaborations with Jamie Mitges

Living as Light Guided Meditations
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I Am More Than Okay Teen Guided Meditations
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Absolving Aggression, Replacing Pain With Love Guided Meditations
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I AM ME Children's Guided Meditations
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