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Due to three "t's" - timing, travel and taxes - many of you have hoped that the March spring specials would be extended into April. And, so they have . . . 

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Relief from Belief

Your beliefs create your view of the world and your life. Your perceptions are created through what you believe is true. Your beliefs supply the significance to all experiences in your life. Change the belief and whatever is happening is painted with different colors. All is relative in your reality.

Normally $150 - April special: $75

Meta yoU Metaphysics

I have created this course to enable you to look into the mirror of your divinity. I commit to hold up that mirror in reflection as we work through this course together. I will not allow you to pretend otherwise; rather shine the mirror brighter each time you attempt to avoid looking directly into it.

Normally $490 - April special: $245

DIY Normally $180 - April special: $90

Mastering the Shift

Mastering the Shift, is designed to give you the deepest understanding of what it means to become a Master of Transformation. It holds within it the essence of divine alchemy. You are I AM in form experiencing the joy of living in union in duality.

Normally $225 - April special: $112

The Audacity of Your Intention

The audacity of your intention is a companion course accompanying the book, Designing Truth. It is not necessary to have read the book to enroll in this course. My intention for this course is to dissolve the concepts you believe that prevent your intentions from being fulfilled. You are God. Use your audacity to intend a divine life.

Normally $75 - April special: $37

I AM Answers Reading

In the I AM Answers Reading, you will receive responses to your questions from your divine awareness. You may ask the I AM any question or questions your mind holds concerning this incarnation.

1 hour normally $150 - April special: $75

1/2 hour normally $75 - April special: $37

Angelic Partner Reading

Learn the name and essence of any angelic being who is sharing this life experience with you. You may ask questions that will be answered within the reading.

1 hour normally $150 - April special: $75

1/2 hour normally $75 - April special: $37

Living I AM

Living I AM is your divine invitation to live as I AM as a human being. The source of your beliefs and thoughts are intermixed with the concepts, ideologies and proposed truths you have been taught. Whatever you decide is your picture of I AM is your image only. It is not that and It is all of that.

Normally $600 - April special: $300

Short class normally $85 - April special: $42

Path to Union

You are in partnership with a boundless sea of creation. You are a creator of that ocean of manifestation. Whether you are in the process of feeling the desire for a better situation at work, getting closer to your children or an intimate relationship with a man or woman, you must first focus upon the union in which you dwell.

Individual normally $180 - April special: $90

Double normally $225 - April special: $112

Breaking the Corporate Mindset

From getting to know yourself to knowing where you don't and do want to be, Breaking the Corporate Mindset takes you on a journey deep into the passion of your spirit.

Normally $225 - April special: $112

Divining Your Truth

Here are my instructions on receiving your own, personal divine information. I am delighted to bring you this step-by-step process that will take you from asking questions of others to receiving your own answers.

Normall $75 - April special: $37

Angelic Human Reading

An Angelic Human Reading describes the message you bring to this earth as an Angelic Human. The word “angel” means messenger. The word “hu – man” means “god – homo sapien”. You are the source in form with a message. 

1 hour normally $150 - April special: $75

1/2 hour normally $75 - April special: $37

Soul Record Reading

Your soul record is your personal Akashic Record. During a Soul Record Reading I access your personal record to tell you what I see in relation to this lifetime. You may ask questions that will be answered during the reading.

1 hour normally $150 - April special: $75

1/2 hour normally $75 - April special: $37

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--Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich                            

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