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(Remember - I am not a counselor. This is an exploration of our possible teacher/student relationship with an eye toward you becoming your own teacher.)

My courses teach you how to live as the I AM, neutrally and impersonally living life divinely fulfilled and acknowledged without barriers, constraints or fear. You will come to know yourself as the divine being you are without attachment to how much the being you are must do to recognize your natural, divine essence.

Each course heading below is a hot link to a longer description of that course and, also, the page on which you will enroll in the course of your choice.

Studying with me through these courses will be like no other experience you have had to present. When learning from a Master Teacher, you find yourself reflected not only in the material and meditations, also within every word spoken between us. I hold you to the truth of your divinity in all ways by mirroring to you your ability to live consciously aware of being I AM in every thought, feeling, word and action ~ and without them.

"Wow! I just completed my last lesson on Living I AM course. I can truly say it was a very intimate journey of self reflection and discovery. Each lesson was like climbing a rung of a ladder where I would enjoy a loftier view of myself. As the eternal seeker I continually look for something to diminish my sense of separation and have spent many years wading through volumes of time-consuming concepts. Absolute freedom arrived the day I discovered the teachings of Dr. Toni Petrinovich."  Cal Merritt

Living I AM

Living I AM is your divine invitation to live as I AM as a human being. The source of your beliefs and thoughts are intermixed with the concepts, ideologies and proposed truths you have been taught. Whatever you decide is your picture of I AM is your image only. It is not that and It is all of that.

You know within your sacred heart you are a divine being as I AM. Now move from that knowing to a state of constant awareness that precludes any concepts, ideologies or beliefs. It is not necessary for you to do anything at all to recognize your divine awareness as I AM. Learn to recognize It.

Meta yoU Metaphysics

I have created this course to enable you to look into the mirror of your divinity. I commit to hold up that mirror in reflection as we work through this course together. I will not allow you to pretend otherwise; rather shine the mirror brighter each time you complete one of the 12 lessons.

Path to Union

I designed this course to clarify the divine journey you are in relation to the aspects of divinity you consciously wish to merge more closely with in this incarnation. You are in partnership with a boundless sea of creation. You are a creator of that ocean of manifestation.

Know you are one as the I AM.

Trusting Aloneness

Embrace the beauty of your true alone nature.

6 Week Divine Intensive

Learn to see the world through divine eyes.

Relief From Belief

Your beliefs create your view of the world and your life. Your perceptions are created through what you believe is true. Your beliefs supply the significance to all experiences in your life. Change the belief and whatever is happening is painted with different colors. All is relative in your reality as divine I AM.

The Audacity of Your Intention

The audacity of your intention is a companion course accompanying the book, Designing Truth. It is not necessary to have read the book to enroll in this course. My intention for this course is to dissolve the concepts you believe that prevent your intentions from being fulfilled. You are God. Use your audacity to intend a divine life.

Mastering the Shift

Mastering the Shift, is designed to give you the deepest understanding of what it means to become a Master of Transformation. It holds within it the essence of divine alchemy. You are I AM in form experiencing the joy of living in union in duality.

Divining Your Truth

Instructions on receiving your own, personal divine information that will take you from asking questions of others to receiving your own answers.

Breaking the Corporate Mindset

Breaking the Corporate Mindset takes you on a journey deep into the passion of your spirit as God in human form.


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-- Rev. Dr. Toni Petrinovich                            

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