Whole Light Beings Q&A

Among all of the information and disinformation regarding the Whole Light Beings (the Light Orbs) there can be much confusion. When reading others' material regarding their experiences with these Beings, remember everyone creates their own truth. If what you read feels valid for you, feel comfortable accepting it. If it does not resonate with you, then know that it may not be your own truth. I offer my own experience with Whole Light Beings to assist in the understanding of these benevolent creatures of light who are participating in our dimension through their light bodies.

I first became aware of the Light Beings when someone sent me a website describing their arrival in a young man's awareness. His information stated that they could be accessed at any place and at any time. So I requested that they come for a visit - and they did.

One night soon after I posed my request I had three golden orbs streaking through my bedroom followed a bit later by a very large orb moving slowly and lighting up the darkened room. It was beautiful, inspiring and loving. There was a feeling of presence and intelligence that was definitely not human yet conscious.

Hear the Whole Light Beings Speak Through
Master Teacher Toni Petrinovich

Since that time I have conversed with the Whole Light Beings within my own mind and always receive an answer. I have asked questions and gotten short and concise answers usually framed in a sort of "you already know that" tone. I am enjoying this interaction very much.

It was much to my surprise and deLight when I found them visiting on my digital pictures of the orca whales outside of San Juan Island during a whale watching tour in the San Juan Islands. I have included a few of the pictures here.

If you have any photos you wish to send me that contain Whole Light Beings who have contacted you, please email them to me at toni@angelichuman.com

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