We are selling the farm, home of Sacred Spaces, in the Pacific Northwest and moving to the southwest.

Follow our move on this page as our adventure unfolds.

Our first port of call and temporary landing spot will be in Yerington NV where my older daughter has graciously offered us her home. She and her husband have retired to Las Vegas. From Yerington we will look for the perfect permanent piece of land to call home and the new office of Sacred Spaces, which will still be open and operating as we travel thanks to the digital world.

Once we find our perfect piece of land in the southwest, we will build a dome home. This technology is, indeed, the wave of the future for everyone due to the strength of its construction and affordability.

For more information about these magnificent structures, see and The latter website and endeavor is led by Hajjar Gibran, the great nephew of Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet.

We are deLighted to share this divinely directed experience with you. Keep coming back to this page as we add additional highlights while we "hit the road".

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Since this is not a blog that I would be continually adding to, the left side of the page will remain static to fill in new readers while this right side will change as the adventure unfolds.

This is the weekend of the big dumptruck. The farm is looking clearer and clearer as the land is reclaimed from human interference.

Once the dumptruck is full and gone, we will have a chance to see how much more clearing needs to be done. It is a little difficult to tell how much more might be needed until we are complete with the loading and it is gone on Monday.

We have met so many beautiful people that we didn't know since we advertised our "free weekend" and then kept posting articles for free on the Lopez digital bulletin board. It is divine to listen to people's stories about what they are doing, why they want something we have to offer and what they are going to do with it. Everything has another purpose.

And, the orchard is in full fruit. We have 10 types of apples plus prunes, plums and peaches. The fruit is looking magnificent even though this has been a very dry year. The land is fed from the water at the top of the pasture which keeps the orchard watered naturally.

The release of so much through this weekend's dumptruck loading opens the door wide to what is next in this great moving adventure. Stay tuned for what shows up next week . . . and thank you for sharing this momentous experience with us.


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