"Angel" means messenger. Hu-man means "god/man". "Hu" is an ancient form of the word "god". "Man" is "homo sapiens, wise man or he who knows," inclusive of the feminine. An Angelic Human is not a human angel.

Defining an Angelic Human would be a human who hears a message or does an errand. This definition is inclusive of the human race. All people hear messages and all people do errands - no matter the country, the environment or the circumstances of the particular lifestyle. The Angelic Human recognizes his or her most natural commission as God in form. The heart, as the voice of the soul, constantly instructs each one how to carry out the commitment to the sacred message.

It is the Angelic Human who hears the message and acts. It is the Angelic Human who listens to the heart, hears the message that is to be given or acted upon and, (this is the important part) does not allow the egoic personality to override the sacredness of the gift that is being asked of him or her. Though the ego personality is often spoken of negatively by mainstream consciousness, it usually does not deserve to be subjugated. Rather a relaxed mind is open, ready to accept the invitation of the heart to blend with the consciousness of the Essential Self (sometimes called falling in love with the Beloved within) and thereby becoming an actual part of the message, the errand, the gift. Thus is the personality and the Divine Self blended into one - the Angelic Human.

The call to awaken lies dormant within the DNA of each being on earth. It takes only the subtle shifting of energies and the surrender to the urging within to align with that call. It is an offering of great magnitude; it is that for which each of us came. Heed the call. Be alert to the message. Be the errand, living the peace that surpasses all understanding.

The Angelic Humans are aware of their sacred design, holding the Divine Consciousness within planet earth during the many shifts presently experienced.  Integrating neutral, impersonal love within the day-to-day experience is of prime importance for each Angelic Human.   That means that all of the love that is felt and experienced has absolutely no conditions placed upon it. 

The Angelic Humans make the commitment and the decision to be present at the time of this occurrence.  Much has happened and been experienced by each soul entity that is referring to itself as an Angelic Human (or "AH") and the wealth of talents, wisdom and creativity that is present upon the earth now is more than ample to hold the frequency of divine perfection during this magnificent expression of the Divine emerging as Itself.

Take the time to place upon your soul's memory plate the actual template of that which you are and lay aside any individuated desire to be separate, special or recognized in a way that is not part of the whole.  Experience selfless giving and Self-ful manifestation of all that you are able to create and unfold at this time.  Know that you are needed, wanted and loved.  The time is now and you are here.  It is most glorious!

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