The act of absolving; "absolving" is defined as: to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt; to remit:  to lay aside partly or wholly.

Only through absolution will you reach the Absolute.

Absolution knows no wrong doing.  Absolution sees only mutual experience.  It clears the way for conscious aligning of hearts.  It removes any boundaries you may believe exist between you and the Absolute.

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Feeling Your Way Through Absolution

When you begin to believe that no one ever does anything to harm you, that everyone is living life to the best of their capability in the moment, then you can welcome every experience as just that – an experience. There is no one to blame, no fault to assign. You are free. You are healthy and well.

You have a unique application of perception that defines your reality. Everything within that perceptual zone is real to you. Each time you are given the opportunity to experience something outside of your perception of reality and that experience becomes real, your perceptual experience expands causing more to become real. In the case of realignment and rebalancing within your physiology, the new perception is the feeling within your bodies, which profoundly affects your mental and emotional states. You are truly in control of what you are experiencing on a physical level. You are creating a new reality for yourself in which the discomfort has no home.

Since you are self-defined by what you believe is real, as that reality broadens and expands, so do you. Change within the physical, through the movement and application of energy, does not simply shift your physical body. It causes the enhancement and growth of your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies forever altering and expanding your ability to perceive the world in which you live. The clarity creates an ability to be clear of distress in the future.

You are Source. Your ego personality as your individuated self is Source. It makes little difference how you visualize, conceptualize or interpret the word. Whatever you believe original Source to be, from whatever you originally came or emanated, you must be all of It. What is manifest must be created from the material at hand. If there was no thing with which to create, all that is in materialization would have had to come from the essence of the one stimulating creation. It is a direct "reflection" of the creator. It was, is and always will be – as are you.

If you hold yourself separate from anyone or anything, your mind separates from Source awareness. It is not possible to say that Source encompasses all and then act as if a person or an experience is outside of Source.

Absolve to dissolve to resolve.

Absolution Ritual

Let us walk through the steps of absolving something or someone you believe you could not possibly forgive.  In absolution you do not forgive for there is no thing to forgive when you absolve.  Within absolution is the knowing that you each simply had an experience . . . that is all. Choose your subject.  We are not only going to absolve this person, we are going to experience the feelings that create the belief that this person, this situation is unforgivable, not able to be absolved.  Choose your subject and come with me.

Now see yourself standing in a big green field, green grass, beautiful wild flowers.  This person is walking toward you now, this person that you cannot forgive or absolve.  Stop right now and feel how you are feeling.  What feeling is keeping you from absolving this person?  Really feel how you are feeling.  Don't pull away from it.  Let yourself really feel it completely.  It is part of you.  Allow it; accept it.  Feel how you really feel about this person who is walking toward you. Now reach out and take their hand.  How does it feel to do this?  How does it feel to take their hand? Feel it. Let yourself feel it through every cell of your body.

Now walk through the field together until you see a beautiful golden light.  The light is so bright, so overpowering that all you want to do is become one with it.  Now you see an entrance way.  It is right in front of you. You can take this person through this entrance.  Feel how it feels to walk through this entrance way with this person, as you both walk into the golden light.  Let yourself feel all of your feelings.  Don't pull away; no shame; no judgment; only feeling.  Let yourself really feel it. Walk into that light with this person who is unforgivable, holding their hand, walking together.  This moment is going to change you both forever. 

Once you are inside this enormous circle of light, sit down, right there on the green grass, facing them; have them sit across from you.  Go ahead and cross your legs.  Get really comfortable together.  How does this feel?  How does it feel to sit in the golden light on the grass with this person, looking at them easily and with nothing else to do except be together?  How does it feel?  Feel it. As you gaze into their eyes, fill them with this golden light that you are sitting within, filling their body from the crown of their head down through their trunk, down through their feet so there is nothing but golden light in front of you; so that they become the golden light. Say, "I absolve you of all wrongdoing. We have had an experience together."

Then do the same thing for yourself.  Fill yourself with that golden light so there is nothing but two beautiful beings of golden light embraced in the light sitting across from each other.  Absolve yourself of all wrongdoing. Once you have completed this, merge yourself with them, become one with them so that all you see, feel, hear, smell, experience is the light of the true Source, that source from which you were created, that Source that the earth hungers to experience and feel.  Then as one being stretch yourself out all around the earth filling the earth with that golden light, embracing it, creating a grid that is nothing but peace, compassion, love and appreciation.  Know that the two of you have absolved each other from any experience of wrongdoing, from any pain, from any hurt and that you have brought this experience to the earth.

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